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Gautama Buddha, a ruler who left his extravagance looking for arrangements that can fix infections, sufferings and passing. A sovereign who could have made the most of his regal administration, yet he picked the way brimming with tossed, torment and dimness. At 34 years old, he accomplished the incomparable illumination at Bodh Gaya. At the point when the sovereign Siddhartha Gautama left his kingdom Shakya for finding answers for make the existence free from sufferings, he was only 29 years of age. 
At Kapilavastu, the Lord Gautama Buddha was grown up and driven a family existence with his better half and child Rahul till he exited for Nirvana. The Ashoka Pillar arranged at Kapilavastu marks the last references about the place. This place is situated in the Himalayan scopes of Nepal. Kapilavastu is the locale and goes under Lumbini Zone, Nepal. 
The devotees of Buddhism and the travelers need to watch the peace and illumination dependably want to visit the sacrosanct place, which is charmed by the Buddha's profound theory. 


The Shakya signifies 'Competent', 'Capable' in Sanskrit. Shakya capital is known as Kapilavastu situated in Nepal in introduce day. The well known ruler of the Shakya kingdom, Siddhartha Gautama established Buddhism in fifth century BCE. Today, the organization at Kapilavastu holds fast to the Constitution of India. Shakya capital (Kapilavastu) has a rich history and a few stories identified with confidence and accept are described here by local people. The accounts are hundreds of years old. 

Realities about Kapilvastu 

Best Time to Visit: October to April 
Region: 1,738 Kms 
Populace: 571,936 out of 2011 
Range from Sea level: 93 to 1491 meters (The region is partitioned into plain swamps of Terai and Chure slopes) 
STD Code: 05544 


Kapilavastu Buddha Mahotsav: Visit the place in the middle of December 29 and December 31 consistently. For a Buddhist supporter, these three days have a high significance in their life. 
Stupa Complex: During the mid 1970s, this was established and announced as the archeological site. 
Castle Site: During the unearthings in 1970's, the remaining of the royal residence is accepted to be of King Shuddhodhan, Lord Buddha's dad. 
Gorakhpur: This town is found 110kms from Kapilavastu. This place has numerous noteworthy Buddhist locales, Imambara and Dargah. Visiting the city will influence you to have faith in the trademark "solidarity in decent variety". 
Ayodhya: The city is viewed as the origination of Lord Ram. The city is situated at the banks of stream Sarayu. It is one of the critical heavenly places of Hindus. 


Via Air: The closest local air terminal is the Gorakhpur Airport. The Airport is very much associated with Delhi by flights. From the airplane terminal, Kapilavastu is only 108kms away. Vacationers will discover extravagant cabs and private vehicles to achieve Kapilavastu from the airplane terminal. 
Via Train: Naugarh is the closest railroad station which only 21 km far from Kapilavastu. There are transports and taxicabs all around associated with the railroad station. 
By Road: From Lumbini, Kushinagar and Sravasti, voyagers can board the State run private transports or contract a maneuver to achieve the place by street. From Lumbini, Kapilavastu is only a couple of minutes travel contrasted with Kushinagar and Sravasti.